How do I start Live Chat with you guys?

See that  icon (on smartphone) or chat box (desktop) in bottom right corner? Press it!

Why do I have to fill in pre-chat form?

This form will help us route your chat to proper agents. Although we have agents all over the World it might happen that all agents speaking your prefered langage will be busy.

In such case you can start a conversation in English or wait until our agent joins you.

What else should I know?

Once the chat is closed we will create a ticket based on our conversation so you will be able to see it in your ticket history.

If we will not manage to help you during the chat we will work on the created ticket and you will get a notification once we have a solution for you.

Chat Support Business Hours

Our agents are available for you 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday (CEST).

After hours you can use chat to leave us a message.