This type of account is only available for users registered in the UK

How do I add my bank account?

  1. To add your account, go to 'Accounts' in the Glase app, press 'Add account' and continue.
  2. Choose your bank and then enter your internet banking credentials. Don’t worry, Glase does not see or store your bank credentials, this simply allows us to collect the information required to set up a Glase Direct Debit.
  3. Once you have entered your credentials, you get to choose which bank account you want to use as your Glase payment account. You should only select a current account. Savings and credit card accounts are not supported.
  4. Confirm your details and enter your PIN.

You have now successfully connected your bank account to Glase via Direct Debit!

How do I know my account is active?

After completing the registration process and verifying your identity by scanning your driving license, ID or passport you will see your account with an available balance. If you don’t see an available balance, this means your identity could not be confirmed. This can happen if the scan of your ID encountered any glare or distortion. To resolve this, you should re-scan your ID within the Glase app.

You can easily complete by following these steps:

  1. Open the Glase app and click 'My bank account'
  2. Next click on the (i) to the right of 'My bank account'
  3. Next click the ‘Verify your identity’ button. (If this button is not visible, you have already completed the verification)
  4. You can authenticate your identity card, driving license or passport. Select your preference.
  5. Take a picture of both the front and the back of the document. The camera automatically opens when clicking on ‘Front’ or ‘Back’. Upon completing the scan make sure that the picture is sharp and easy to read.

Are my bank credentials safe?

Yes, we never store any of your bank details. During account setup all data is processed through an encrypted channel and we only keep data that allows us to confirm your identity and bank account ownership.

My bank is not on the list?

We currently only support the banks listed. We add more banks all the time though so check back soon to see if your bank is supported.

When is my account debited?

Your bank account is normally debited 2 bank days after a Glase payment has been executed.

Where can I find my expenses summary?

You can find this in the menu, under the 'History' tab.

Can I connect my credit card to Glase?

No, it is not possible connect a credit card to Glase. Although you can use a credit card to top up your Glase account.

What is the maximum payment I can make with Glase?

When you have registered for Glase you will initially have a purchase limit of £75. You can see this limit under 'My Bank Account' in the Accounts section or at the top of the Glase App. Every time you make a purchase we will reduce this limit by the purchase amount. Your limit will increase again once we have successfully withdrawn the corresponding Direct Debit from your bank account.

What are the terms and conditions for UK Direct Debit?

Glase's terms and conditions for 'UK Direct Debit' can be found here.