How does Glase offers work?

We are continuously publishing new offers in the Glase app. When you see an offer you want to use, go to the store and take that item to the checkout. You pay for the item as you always do when you pay with Glase, and will then receive a text message confirming your discount. The store receives full payment for the product, so you will not find the discount on your store receipt, but when the money is deducted from your account or when your invoice arrives, your discount is registered there and the money for the item is deducted.

How do you choose what items to offer?

We have a number of offer partners we work with and we constantly listen to the wishes of our users.

Do I have to purchase the exact item shown in the Glase app?

Our offers are a collaboration with our offer partners, and they are strictly limited to the specific item specified in the app. Therefore, it is important that you buy the specific item presented in the offer.

I bought an offer, but I did not receive any text message?

If you have purchased the correct product but have not received a confirmation message, please contact customer service.

What does it look like on the invoice when I have used an offer?

You will have a separate line on your invoice where you see that your discount is registered and deducted.

I have trouble finding a product in store?

Local deviations may occur. We do our best to ensure that our offer is in the stores listed in the offer description, but it is up to each store to provide the specific item.