How does it work?

In order to get started make sure that both you and the recipient have the Glase app installed and registered on your smartphone.

  1. When opening the app, press ‘Send money’
  2. Enter the phone number of the recipient or press on 'Contacts' and select a phone number from your contact list
  3. Press ‘Continue’
  4. Enter the amount you wish to send
  5. If desired, enter a message to the recipient
  6. Press ‘Send’
  7. Review your payment and press ‘Send’ again
  8. Confirm the transfer with your Glase PIN or your fingerprint

Your friend will receive the money instantly on their Glase Account! For more information about your Glase Account, check here!

In which currency shall the recipient be paid?

The recipient will receive the money in the currency of the country that they registered with. (For example a Swedish Glase user would receive a payment from their Belgian friend in SEK)

Who can send money abroad?

Sending money (P2P) abroad is a service available to Glase users in the countries where the app is available.

Will I incur costs when sending money via Glase to a country where Glase is used?

No, sending money abroad with Glase is free of charge!

Are there any limits to how much money I can send?

Yes, depending on what account and what currency you are using there are some limits. To find out the limit for your currency and account, check here.

Do you need to be in each other's vicinity in order to be able to send money?

No, you can send money from any distance. The only thing you need is the phone number of the recipient. With the Glase app you can even send money to other countries.

To which account will the money be transferred?

The money will always be transferred to the receiver's Glase Account. More info on the Glase Account can be found here.

What if the recipient does not have Glase?

Only when both the recipient and sender have the Glase app, a P2P transaction can be completed. In the case, that the recipient has not yet downloaded the Glase app and you are trying to transfer money to them, you will get a choice if you want to invite them to Glase or if you wish to cancel this transfer. If you choose to invite them to Glase, this person will receive an SMS with the request to download the app. You will receive a confirmation by SMS as soon as the recipient has downloaded the app. You then need to initiate the P2P transaction again, as only then will the money be transferred from your account.