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Google Pay integration


What do you think about an integration in Google Pay? Similar to the competition (Boon!) you should be able to save the virtual master card in the Google Pay Wallet. This would directly deal with some inquiries, because you have these advantages:
1. pay without opening the app.
2. pay with any Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (NFC)
3. use the card for payments on the Internet (e.g. PlayStore) where Glase is not integrated.

All it takes is a simple button in the app, as I said: The competitor has shown the way! I think it would be great to integrate these options.

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Definitely a MUST have. Boon already did it and Glase is way better in all terms, but Google Pay should work. And it should be integrated like >>yesterday<<.

 Please don't switch to Google Pay as boon did or I will stop using Glase. Of course it could be added as an option but Google Pay is not "the way". It's ridiculous to provide Google, the biggest spying organization of all times, all our payment data just to save 1s for opening the app.

@andaci, never read such a nonsense.. Inform yourself about the technology before writing such stupid stuff!

@Markus Eyrich could you please be more precise instead of just saying my answer is stupid?

I know that Google does not analyze the payment data yet but this isn't surprising. They bring up shiny new products, buy or sqeeze out the competition until they have a monopoly and start analyzing data or charging B2B fees. They have more cash than almost any company in the world.

And even if you don't trust me it's 100% clear thanks to Snowden that all the data is transmitted to the NSA.

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