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Camera doesn't start on HTC ONE M9+

When I select scan and pay, it says starting the camera and then goes blank. Nothing happens after that. 

It shouldn't matter but still, my camera lens is a bit damaged but works on all other applications. It is just a physical damage.


Have you tried to scan a QR code with another app?


SEQR Support Team

Hi, Kate.

I just tried it and it works. I think the problem is that the app is not starting the camera. Because the camera works just like it is supposed to in all other applications (Camera apps, Instagram, Snapchat, Barcode scanning apps).

When I click the flash icon, it responds with a lot of delay.

Hi Mohit!

Could you please check if SEQR has the permission to use camera?:)



Hi. Yes, the application has all the permissions required including the permission to use the camera. I am using the latest version of the application as well.

I answered all these questions to a Customer service agent on email. It is getting redundant now.

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