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Hangs after payment failure

Hello, I had this problem twice so far; once after trying to pay at a supermarket in Spain - terminal said something like "card not accepted", ok, payed cash. When I tried to pay somewhere else later, the "payment failed" screen was still there and I could only get rid of it by force closing the app in the system manager (Android 7 btw). The other failure was when I was asked for the pin for the very first time after dozens of successful payments - didn't know it, panicked a little ;-), aborted and payed with other card, but today, 5 days later, when hitting "tab and pay", the "fail" screen was still there. And since I had no other money on me, I had to force kill and restart again. I think I was still faster than the average granny counting cents ;-), but felt quite long. Could you please implement some auto reset function for tab and pay after... what... 10 minutes? And put a "show me the pin" - button right on the tab and pay screen? That would be great. Or even better, let me change the pin. Thanks a lot in advance :-)
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Hi Frederik, 

Although I also think you were still faster, I do understand that this is really inconvenient. We're sorry!

Of course, we will do our best to solve this issue. Do you remember when you tried to pay and the Tap & Pay screen was hanging? We would like to know the date and the estimated time. You can also send us your phone number ( this way our technical team can search the logs for you. 

The feedback about the Pin will be passed on to our developers! :) 

Kind regards, 


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