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Android O

Since the Update to Android 8, Seqr is not working on my phone anymore.

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Our developers are working on this issue! We will keep you updated! :)

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Still not working, I can't pay for weeks now...

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Hi Fabian, 

Android O is not officially released yet. As soon as this is official, our developers will make sure it's compatible! 

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Developer Preview 4 of Android 8 (the final preview) is out now but Tap&Pay still not available. :( 

Cannot use Seqr since months. Any news about Seqr Update for Android 8?

As soon as it's officially released, we will make both compatible! :) 

Kind regards, Sara

It is officially released but still not working. What's up?

Google released a developer preview just for this exact purpose: so that apps can test compatibility and make corrections before the official release. I'd say tha Seqr keeping saying "as soon as it's officially released" is kind of disappointing from the perspective of proactivity.

Hi Moa! If it is still not working for you, please reinstall your app. This should do the trick! :)

Best Regards, Malin

we will  'STOP' this application and search for other solututions ! 

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