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Shop Name in bank statement

In the app I can easily see what amount I spent where. In my bank account statement I only see SEQR and numbers. For transparency it would be very helpful, if you could add the shop name in the Sepa transaction (comment), so it's added to my bank statement. Chris

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Hi Christian

Thanks for your feedback! :) That would be a good idea indeed. I'll pass this on to our developers! :) 

Kind regards


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Not much to add here, but this would be a really important feature for me, too.

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Hello, if possible, i would like to have this as an choosable option. I really like that its only SEQR and Numbers because of privacy reasons. My Bank doesn't have to know where and what i buy.

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i agree with michael - please dont add this - and if - only per option. 

you have your "receipt" in the app if you don't know where you was ;)

There is a big difference, in having to use an app on another device than i use with my Financial software on my computer or have it all-at-once.

But i could really live with this feature being an opt-in.

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@Melvia: it's true that I have the info in the app, but since I keep track of my finances in my online banking program, it is pretty cumbersome to map all payments manually by looking them up in the app.

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I have also the same isue. I track all my expenses with an app, but I cannot identify seqr payments. It would be nice to be able to export to a csv seqr payments from a web console, or having the option to receive an email for every payment. That will help to identify payments.

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It happens the same to me. I use a financial software and cannot track this payments. Also, there is no an option to export movements from seqr, It could be another option to be able to login to a web site and export movements (or receive them by email)

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Same here!

Some sort of export functionality would be essential for me to consider using this App. Currently I'm paying everthing with my NFC Card and can export/import all entries from my bankaccount into a financial software. With this App I can't export my data and have to insert every expanse manually. So its simply useless.

MT942 would be cool, but a CSV export would also be enough for me.

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I completely agree with Daniel. Either a solution where you can export transactions to excel, cvs or similar format for import in other software or excel sheets or for me it would also work ok if it was possible to login on some account page as I can in my bank and see all transactions on a webpage where it is possible to copy and paste the transactions to an Excel spreadsheet. Is that perhaps possible if I fix a bank account in Collector Bank? Since it is Collector (if I remember correctly) that I get the invoices from?

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Definatly a MUST feature! I consider the direct debit entry on my bank account a big advantage over prepaid payment services. I don't want to go to a handful different payment service apps and webpages (Paypal, Portokasse, Boon, Seqr, Bitcoin, whatever...) to get my transcations together for my private bookkeeping.
So, SEQR loses here a main advantage it could easily have by using direct debit.
So, I can only support this wish: Please, mention the merchant on the bank statement, like I have it with every credit or debit card use.

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To me, the export option into csv, webpage or whatever isn't satisfying. I consider it a nice option too, but on first hand I track my payments in my bank account - that's the easiest and most available spot. Especially my bank has a very good financial manager, not only a list of transactions. You can put the transactions into catgories, form budgets etc.
And in the end: I can export them to csv or copy and paste them to a calc sheet from there too.
And from evey HBCI-enabled banking software too.
So, I think, the use case to export to csv is covered by putting the merchant into the bank statement and exporting from the bank account page/software...


Still - i would never ever want the merchant name into the bank statement. i really like that its only mention SEQR... i really like the privacy SEQR gives. 

so please dont do this . and if - than only optional

I totally agree with Peter. The export option may be a nice additional feature, but does not replace the more transparent feature of making the bank statement more meaningful. I want to be able to know what I purchased without having to look in a second app, web-page or so. Otherwise it makes the management of my finances, which I do in my banking software (Starmoney) more cumbersome than it has to be.

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