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Tap&Pay without opening the App

Right now the only reason I rarely use SEQR is, that I have to open the App and Tap on Tap&Pay. It would be nice if we could just tap the unlocked phone against a terminal just like in AndroidPay. A regular Contactless card is more convenient than opening an app and taping on a button.

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Le widget fait ça justement
Le widget fait exactement ça. 1 clic et c'est parti. Faire ce que tu demande Raphaël permettrait a n'importe qui se rapprochant de ton tel de prélever ton compte....

this option is always updated because it would be really convenient thank you

Hallo Klaus, 

Im Moment habe ich dazu keine konkreten Informationen, da es in der nahen Zukunft noch nicht geplant wird. Ich leite das aber weiter. Inzwischen können Sie gerne das Widget nutzen, das beschleunigt den Zahlungsprozess auch schon etwas! :) LG, Sara

Kommt das noch bez. "Tap&Pay without opening the App"? In Verbindung mit CDCVM wäre das eine feine Sache! Bis 25€ reicht display an, darüber display entsperren. Eben wie in android-pay.

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 I just discovered the Tap&Pay widget. That does exactly what the ticket is about, doesn't it? Add some convenience and quick-access to Tap'n'pay. I for my part wouldn't want to shoot for more, for the reasons I detailed above.


J'ai déjà passer ce demande! ::) 

Bien à vous, 

 Bonjour,et la possible de pouvoir payer juste en ayant allumé l ecran sans deverouiller le tel cela serait plus rapide aussi  merci.


Bonjour Raphael, 

Oui, vous avez de raison. Je vais passer ce souhaite! Avez vous déjà découvert notre widget? 

Bien à vous, 



je suis tout a fais d accord avec la solution que ce soit facultatif comme cela on peut décider a tous moment selon les risques et ou on va comme métro et aéroport ou concert etc.. mais j attend sa avec impatience!



Hello, I agree it would be top if we could leave the choice to the user to activate or not!

thank you


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Hello, I totally agree that this is falcutative choice of the user would be top thank you. Raphy

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Hi Thomas! 

Thanks for this feedback. You definitely make a fair point and if we develop this we would indeed rather make this optional. I'll pass your remarks on to our developers! 

Kind regards, 


 bonjour,cela serait vraiment plus appreciable si l on pouvais payer directement le tap & pay sans ouvrir l application car la cela devient une petite contrainte dommage merci.

Hello, it would be really more appreciable if one could pay directly the tap & pay without opening the application because it becomes a small constraint damage thank you.

There is an issue I have with that. One definite advantage SEQR has over wireless cards is that it can't be read unless I explicitly enable it. I'd like to see that preserved. I'd bet every sum that criminals are right now trying to construct wireless terminals that can rest in a handbag and automatically request $20 of every card in your wallet when said handbag is "innocently" pressed against your back pocket on the subway or the bus - if they haven't constructed them already. At the very least, I'd want the feature to be opt-in. Better yet, I'd like a popup on the screen every time the virtual card is queried, where I have to confirm my intention to have the card queried right now. Remember, the mobile does NOT rest in a RFID-blocking wallet the way your cards might. There is such a thing as too much convenience.


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