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It’s Cashback Reward time - now straight to your Seqr Account!

As you know, just one of the many great benefits of using your Seqr mobile app to make payments is that you get up to 3% cashback on every purchase you make -  that’s cash back to you every quarter as a thank you from us for using Seqr, and it’s now that time to reap your rewards!

Plus we are delighted to let you know that we will now be sending your quarterly Cashback Reward payment directly into your Seqr Account which means we’ll top up your Seqr account so it’s even easier to spend and earn even more - straightaway. If you were due to receive cashback this time around, it has already been sent to your Seqr account and is ready to spend!

The more times you spend the more cash back you earn!

To use your quarterly Cashback Reward to make purchases simply check that you’ve selected your Seqr Account in the ACCOUNTS tab.

Find out more here.


Exclusive Merchant spotlight - Prik&Tik

Now you can pay at Prik&Tik with Seqr

For both a small and a large thirst you can go to this beverage specialist! Thoroughly enjoy the large selection of drinks and special offers and do not forget to pay with Seqr.


Click here to view a complete list of the merchants offering Seqr to their customers. 

Android users - are you using Seqr contactless for faster payments? Simply Tap and Pay!

Android users can use tap and pay to pay in stores. This means you can now pay even easier and faster in stores worldwide, by simply tapping your mobile to a contactless payment terminal, wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Before you use contactless you need to activate Tap and Pay (it only takes a few seconds):

Go to the menu and select activate Tap and Pay.Select ‘ACTIVATE’ on the Tap and Pay screen.Enter your Seqr pin.The request has been received and we’ll let you know when Tap and Pay is available.Once activation is complete, you can use Tap and Pay wherever you see the contactless logo.

To pay using tap and pay, simply select the payment button at the bottom of the home screen and choose ‘Tap and Pay’.

Do you want to find out more about Tap and Pay? Click here! 

How to Tap & Pay


Click on picture above to see how to use contactless video.

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